Hello my dear. I want to tell you a little bit about myself and what I create

My name is Alexandra Skorikova, I am the creator of Alesko jewellery brand

My whole life is connected with art, creativity, design. Earlier I worked as a director of a glossy interior magazine in my favourite city Rostov-on-Don. I devoted 15 years of my life to this business, starting as an advertising manager and working my way up to the director of a publishing house.

One day I realised that my purpose is to give emotions to women, to make them happy.

Since I am a woman myself, I realise how important it is for us to be beautiful
After all, every beautiful woman is happy and will make everyone around her happy.

When I wake up every morning I am filled with ideas and imagine what you are. Maybe you are a sun-kissed redhead with freckles, or a blonde with blue eyes or a searing brunette... I think about what you love, what you work, what you dream about? What kind of flowers do you like? Imagining you inspires me to create your unique piece of jewellery and often we create it together. I love our creative process together, new ideas are always born.

Jewellery from Alesko brand is the mood of every day, which we create ourselves, filling it with details that make us successful, romantic and special.

ALESKO - create your mood!

Individual approach to each client:
The Alesko brand does not just offer jewellery, but creates a unique experience for every woman. Through interaction with the brand's creator Alexandra Skorikova, customers are given the opportunity to participate in the creative process, which makes their jewellery special and tailored to their individual preferences.
Jewellery as an expression of personality and mood:
Alesko does not just sell jewellery, but also invites female customers to create their mood through it. The brand encourages women to reflect on their uniqueness, their dreams, their lifestyle and visualise it in jewellery. This approach allows each woman to use jewellery to express her individuality and sensuality.

Our jewellery is worthy of special attention, and we pay the same attention even to its packaging. Every detail of our branded packaging reflects the same level of quality and elegance as the jewellery itself. Your purchases from the world of Alesko will not only be a pleasure to wear, but also an object of admiration while still in the packaging.

Individual entrepreneur Alexandra Sergeevna Skorikova